How to List Your Event Rental

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Create Event Location Rental Set-Up

Welcome to We are continuously striving to make the listing process convenient for users, however, please keep in mind we are gathering detailed information about your location to display to thise seeking event and production space. If you need assistance in creating a listing that will get the best results, please contact us.


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  • Register: This approves your access to post a property on the web site.
  • Login: To create or mange your listing.
  • Select: CREATE YOUR LISTING” to set up and enter venue details.
  • Begin:  Start the process of creating your listing. FREE LISTINGS DO NOT DISPLAY PHOTOS,
  • Your Dashboard: Accessible from the Event Locations Wanted home page, Manage, edit or update your listing(s) content and images.
  • Register: This approves your access to post a property on the web site.
  • Login: To create or mange your listing.
  • Select: CREATE YOUR LISTING” to set up and enter location details.
  • Begin:  Start the process of creating your listing. IF YOU HAVE CREDITS BE SURE TO SELECT THE (0) in the CREDITS COLUMN next to the package you purchased to access the listing details page.
  • Your Dashboard: Accessible from the Film Locations Wanted home page, Manage, edit or update your listing(s) content and images.


Your event location profile shows up as soon as you submit. It is reviewed, activated and scheduled for posting on other areas of the web site and included in our new location listed announcement that is sent out to our community. (NOTE: Only event venues with photos and complete details will be sent out in our announcements.) If you have not registered, click here.


  • Be sure you are logged in: To insure that you are logged in, the user name you created will appear at the top right of the web site along with a link to your dashboard where you can manage your listing once you have set it up.
    When you are ready to create your location profile, click on the link, “List Your Location Rental” at the top of the page.
  • Once on the listing page, select the category your property will be listed under and check the circle (0) next to the location profile package you want in the CREDITS COLUMN. (IF YOU HAVE PURCHASED A LISTING WITH PHOTOS) click continue and you will be presented with a page allowing you to add the details of your property. (IMPORTANT: If you pay using credit card option in lieu of PayPal, it generally takes minutes but may take up to 2 hours to get approved for listing.) You can contact us to expedite.
    When adding the details of your property be sure to include as much information about your location offering as possible. It is suggested that your description be as detailed as possible in order to provide production personnel with everything they need to know in order to determine if your property will fit their needs. You can NEVER put too much information- the more details the better.
  • Once your details are completed you will click the continue button to be presented with the next page to upload your images. Be sure to click the FINISH BUTTON to complete listing.

(TIP: If you have weak internet connection or your photos are large, you may want to place profile without photos to insure your computer does not freeze when uploading images which can cause you to loose all the details you entered.) TO AVOID THIS- Complete your listing preview and then select FINISH — Go back to the home page and select dashboard link under your user name to manage your listing and upload your photos. You can add images/mange listing through your dashboard located easily from the home page of the web site once the property is submitted.

If you have any questions, need assistance with setup or uploading photos, contact us. We will be happy to help in any way to make sure your listing is the best it can be.


Location profiles with photos not only get more views and inquiries, the photos can also be featured within our web site, in our marketing venues and on the home page.

The number one issue to keep in mind when displaying your property is that production personnel are under time constraints, they need to find the potential location(s) as soon as possible. We have had a number of scouts come to us in dire straits that need locations as soon as the next day and photos are the first ones they search. So the more materials you place on your property the faster they can decide if it will fit their needs.

Photos are the number one way to generate interest in your venue. Make sure your photos are crisp and clear and really represent what you have to offer.


When creating your profile it is most import to include as many clear photos as possible documenting the location.

Provide photos of the interior, exterior and any unique aspects. Include a description of the parking availability, the surrounding area, lodging close by and any other details that can help a scout with their job to seek the location venue(s) needed.

So when creating your profile, the more information, the better. It makes the scout’s job easier. Creating an informative and appealing profile also increases your chances as the location owner in getting the project.

NOTE: does not endorse any production company, it is the sole responsibility of the property location owner to engage all inquiries and negotiate the rates directly with the company who inquires about your property as a result of your online listing. We do not collect any commissions or fees.