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List your event space rental at EventLocationsWanted.comUnique Photography Locations

Event space is needed for everything from weddings and special events to those in production looking for a photography or film location.

If you have a home, hotel, mansion or unique event rental and want to offer your property as a event location space, create a event location profile. Simply add details and photos of your venue for those seeking locations for everything from wedding space venues to private and corporate functions.

How it works:
Once you list your event space listing, it will be reviewed, and when approved added to our database so users from all over the world can contact you with their event inquires when viewing your event space information.

Event Locations Wanted does NOT collect or require any fees from the rental of your property. Owners will be contacted directly by those seeking event locations for their project and will negotiate with you for cost and further arrangements.

Event Locations Wanted Displays Special Event Space Rentals Including:

  • Wedding venues
    Meeting Rooms
    Event Party Rentals
    Event Home Rentals
    Honeymooners seeking unique location getaways
    Corporate looking for a place to hold seminars, themed company parties or a place for them to unveil new product lines to clientele.
    Those seeking a place for photography or film projects.

Examples Of Event Locations Wanted:

  • Distinctive event rentals
    Vintage event rentals venues
    Wedding venes or party rentals inside or outdoors
    Delegates from other countries looking for US venues
    Those seeking unique venues for any type of project anywhere on the planet.

If you have an event venue or looking to generate revenue from your property as a event space rental, create an online profile and show off what you have to offer. If you need assistance with setting up your distinctive event rental or have additional questions, please contact a ELW staff member.







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